Sunday, April 03, 2005


decided chronicling these sad little events was not for me. i am much convinced i shall never meet someone who will live up to my standards and therefore, would rather be alone. i think i am finished with these sites for now, and for blogging about it. short lived, to be sure, but thank you for your kind comment, IGD, and I will continue to read your blog and live vicariously through you. Don't think my blogging about the lack of good desi guys out there is too healthy though!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


I have done my fair share of "declining" on In fact, I have "accepted" a grand total of 2 profiles, neither of whom I have talked to. But regardless of whether I like the guy or not, I always respond. I have been on the other end one or 2 times and know waiting for the other person to get back to you is never any fun. It is better to know they are not interested and move on, than check back day after day making up excuses for them as to why they have not replied. Generally, the longer the response time turnover, the more likely it is that you will be rejected.

That said, I rarely send out any requests for acceptance. Being an unpaid member, I think I have a limit as to the number I can send, but I am not sure. If a guy is particularly cute and tall enough for me, than I send one out. Currently, this is the case with one guy (which is probably why I chose this topic to write about). This guy is cute, funny in his profile, tall enough for me and all of that.I sent him myrequest almost 2 weeks ago and despite the fact that he has since logged on, there is still no response. I don't get this. Is he trying to be nice and not reject me? Because I would tell him it's ok, I am cool with his "rejection." Or is he just wading through all of his requests? He is not some hot stud by normal standards, but in indian dating sites, he is brad pitt himself...US born, raised, well educated, over 6 feet tall, "fair" 30 yrs old...ok, so maybe this guy gets 1000 hits a day, is that any reason not to say no thanks?

I don't think so, man.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

FOB Spotting

A 10 Step Guide To Skimming Profiles

How To Spot A FOB on :

  1. he wears sunglassess in his profile pic
  2. his profile pic looks "professionally taken" complete with solid colored backdrop and slightly blurred facial features
  3. his profile contains contractions like "u" instead of "you" and "gonna" instead of "going to"
  4. his job description is "IT/Telecom Professional"
  5. he lives in California
  6. he describes himself as "goodlooking"
  7. his profile description contains more than one exclamation point!!
  8. he knows his "caste" and has it filled out
  9. there are blatant typos/spelling errors in his profile
  10. he messages you because he takes great offense to your profile post requesting no messages from FOBS